History of Equal Pay Campaigns in New Zealand

Campaigns for equal pay in New Zealand are not a new subject. These campaigns have been running since the 1950s and are still going strong in advocating equal pay for all New Zealanders, whether they are male or female.

These are some of the most memorable campaigns for equal pay among men and women.

Campaign for Equal Pay by PSA

The PSA Te Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi has always been proud and dedicated to a history of advocating equal pay throughout New Zealand. The organization has been fighting for equality of women since 1913 and is now dedicated to achieving success in equal pay for all.

In 2021 The PSA started the campaign for Equal Pay with a focus on Pay Equity Claims and Gender Pay Action Plans.

E tū Campaign for Equal Pay

E tū is one of the most successful campaigns run in New Zealand for equal pay among males and females. They lead the way on equal pay with a huge victory of 55000 care workers across New Zealand. They stand up for the public and defend workers against pay discrimination.

Public Service Association Protest

Female workers from the Public Service Association challenged the limits on their salaries with a campaign for equal pay in 1956. The campaign was led by Jean Parker, who appealed the system and successfully challenged the appointment of a male cadet to a higher-paid position.

The campaign meeting took place on the 4th of September at Dominion Farmers Conference Hall in Wellington. The campaign was successful in bringing the matter of unfair pay and inequality to the relevant authorities.

Mind The Gap Campaign – November 2021

Mind the Gap is a campaign that started in November 2021. The date of the campaign stands as exactly fifty years after the Equal Pay Act of 1972 was put into place and 125 years after the first meeting was held at the National Council of Women.

The campaign called for equal pay for all genders in New Zealand. Until today there is still a price gap where all female workers are paid 9% less than male workers.

With equal pay being amended now and then shows how these campaigns are slowly working towards a fair and equal salary-based system.