Visiting any of the blogs on this page can provide those interested in employment and public laws the chance to stay up to date on all the latest insights and changes ta current acts such as the Equal Pay Bill.

Colins & May Law Blog –

Collins & May is based in Wellington, New Zealand, as a law firm dedicated to employment and properties. The blog features a variety of topics on local laws, including employment, estates, wills, property, and much more.

The law firm itself fights for the rights of companies as well as their employees. The blog posts up to 1 article each month with a dedicated focus on understanding more about New Zealand’s employment laws.

BuckettLaw Blog –

BuckettLaw Blog focuses completely on employment law. It’s a boutique law firm comprising specialist employment lawyers who provide their clients with expert advice. The company has been operating since 1998 and is dedicated to helping with employment issues in New Zealand.

The Blog provides many articles on advice and the importance of having an employment lawyer looking over contracts and employment.

Law for Change Blog –

The Law for Change Blog features articles on legal issues and laws in New Zealand. The brand also stands as a non-profit organization with a wide focus on providing students in the country with a dedicated space to pursue their interest in public law. This is a great blog to learn more about complications in law that draw attention as public matters.

The blog is based in New Zealand and posts up to 1 article each month with professional insights and outlooks on the counties laws.

Dukesons Business Law Blog –

The Dukesons blog was established in Auckland, New Zealand, with a wide focus on business and employment law. The company itself provides legal services to New Zealand businesses and international companies operating in New Zealand.

Other than their professional services in helping and giving advice, their blog provides advice for all who visits the blog and wants to learn more about the basic of employment and business law.