Treat Her Right provides details and insights to the public on how equal pay is influencing business and the economy in New Zealand. With pay not being equal with the country’s workforce, there are many campaigns, projects, and employees to try and get more awareness for the situation and the problematic future it’s creating.

We provide up-to-date information on the system and how the country has already improved on the pay gap between men and women in New Zealand’s workforce.

Projects and Events

Throughout New Zealand, many organizations have been active in projects and events to raise awareness and show their dedication in not giving up for receiving equal pay between men and women.

With all the events and campaigns that have been going around with organizations and communities standing together for change, there have been numerous positive changes in the pay gap. But work still needs to be done to get completely fair and equal pay between men and women.

Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap in New Zealand is the difference in the median hourly wages of both genders in the Country. In 2021 the gap between what women and men got paid by employers was set at 9.1%. Stats NZ publishes the annual statistics sourced from the Household Labour Force Survey each year.

Although the rate has gone down significantly since the Equal Pay Act came into order in 1972, it’s still seen as a law that needs to be changed. Many New Zealand citizens believe that it’s time to change the Act and make pay between men and women doing the same work equal.

We provide updated and newly posted articles on the progress of amending the Equal Pay Act of New Zealand, the amendment importance, and upcoming events and campaigns to join.